Accounting services

Completum - Accounting

Accounting services

Professional accounting services for Polish and international entities.


Comprehensive accounting

Taking over all the responsibilities of the accounting department: cost records, taxes, consulting, payments, settlements...


Tax services

Support in the preparation of declarations, control of the tax base, forms of taxation, refunds, tax office inspections, ...


Bank accounts services

Servicing bank accounts, settlements with contractors - Polish and foreign, liabilities and receivables, debt collection...


Supervision of the Chief Accountant

Remote control and support of the chief accountant, who will ensure the correctness of accounting entries, costs, tax...


Substitute accountant

Professional support in the event of a longer absence of accounting department staff. Maintaining continuity...


Accounting on the client's system

Przejmujemy wybrane procesy księgowe i pracujemy wspólnie w systemie Klienta ..

Accounting services

Timely and reliable

Completum has been providing professional accounting services since 1993. We are a well-known and recognized company on the market. We stand out for our commitment to clients and reliability. We offer accounting, tax and financial services.