HR and payroll

Completum - HR and Payroll

HR services

Payroll, employee files, labour law, consultancy, Social Security, Tax Office, audit, inspections


HR outsourcing

Comprehensive HR and payroll services: maintaining personal files, consulting in the field of labor law, calculating remuneration, settling benefits...



Calculating remuneration in local and foreign currency, commissions, bonuses, benefits, salary components, bank transfers, remuneration confidentiality


HR and Payroll audit

Checking the correctness and completeness of employee documentation, contribution for social security and tax, settlements with ZUS, US, compliance with PIP standards...


Building an HR department

Modern solutions, construction, optimization, implementation.


Inspection by ZUS,US,PIP

Professional support during ZUS and US inspections


Clearing arrears

Completing documentation, correcting declarations and payrolls, settling liabilities

HR and payroll services

Comprehensive and timely

Completum has been providing professional accounting services since 1993. We are a well-known and recognized company on the market. We stand out for our commitment to clients and reliability. We offer HR, payroll and accounting services. We settle complex remuneration systems (commissions, benefits, bonuses, remuneration in foreign currencies, division of payrolls into cost centers and products, etc.)