Completum - raporting

Reports and statements

Cost breakdowns by cost centers and products, projects; reporting to HQ, consolidated reporting


Cost reporting

Creating a dedicated profit and loss report divided into cost centers, products and projects


Raporting to HQ

Reporting to the foreign headquarters for international companies in English language


Management reporting

Preparation of consolidated reports for the capital group, cost centres and product split

Reporting and accounting services

Reports and summaries

Cost and profit reports as well as dedicated calculations enable an in-depth analysis of the company and improvement of financial results.

Completum specializes in developing dedicated financial reports. We create management reports for capital groups. We prepare reports for the foreign headquarters and provide full support for consolidation and cooperation with the foreign headquarters in English.

Completum has been providing professional accounting services since 1993. We are a well-known and recognized company on the market. We stand out for our commitment to clients and reliability. We offer accounting, tax and financial services.
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